Atlanta Hardwood Flooring

Atlanta Hardwood Flooring

Corinthian Flooring is Atlanta's choice for hardwood floors and hardwood floor installation.

Remember! In-Home Hardwood Flooring Consultations are always FREE.

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Atlanta Tile Flooring & Backsplashes

Atlanta Tile Flooring & Backsplashes

Corinthian Flooring is Atlanta's choice for tile floors, backsplashes and bathrooms.

Remember! In-Home Tile Consultations are always FREE.

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Atlanta Carpet Experts

Atlanta Carpet Experts

Corinthian Flooring works with every carpet manufacturer to deliver and install for you the carpet of your dreams.

Remember! In-Home Carpet Consultations are always FREE.

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Atlanta Flooring Craftsmen

The flooring in your home is often overlooked, yet it is touched every day and a vital aspect of your interior décor. Because your floors get so much use, it’s important to rely on professionals who can guide you through the complicated process of choosing flooring options that best suit your needs.

Our handpicked and highly trained craftsmen will help you weigh the benefits of each type of flooring: hardwood, tile or carpet. We begin the process by identifying your flooring needs and decorating goals. Our seasoned professionals will then recommend options that meet your needs and budget. Corinthian Flooring regards every project as personal and distinctive. We’re committed to a high level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. In fact, we guarantee it. With more than thirty years of experience, we’re the only call you need to make.

Atlanta Hardwood Flooring Installers

Wood is one of nature’s most beautiful materials. The inviting warmth of wood enhances the décor of any room and increases the resale value of your home. Wood flooring is now available in an incredible range of styles and colors to match any budget. Whether you are planning to refurbish your existing wood floors or install new ones, Corinthian Flooring will guide you along every step of the way, from painstaking installation to the finished product. We take pride in leaving your home as beautiful as we found it.

Atlanta Carpet

When choosing to upgrade the flooring in a home, Atlanta homeowners often to turn to carpeting. Nothing feels quite as good as sinking your feet into a plush, luxurious carpet at the end of a long day. Perfect for playing board games, gathering around the fireplace or just keeping your toes warm, carpet is the epitome of comfort. It’s also the equivalent of the “little black dress” because it goes with just about any décor and comes in countless styles and textures. Whether you’re going for an elegant, sophisticated look or comfy and casual, carpet is up to the task. Its many advantages include low cost, quick and easy installation, warmth and comfort, plus noise-reducing capabilities. The possibilities are almost endless, so be sure to consult with the craftsmen at Corinthian Flooring before making your final decision.

Atlanta Tile Flooring

When looking to remodel your home, you’ll soon realize that you are faced with a lot of options. Tile flooring is an excellent choice because it’s easy to maintain and provides long lasting beauty, and a focal point for your decorating. Today, there are many gorgeous options from which to choose, including marble, granite, slate, porcelain, ceramic and laminate. All provide incredible durability, superior moisture protection, a huge selection of designs, easy maintenance and repair. Tile flooring is especially perfect in bathrooms and kitchens, two of the most active areas in a home. Since these areas are highly susceptible to water damage, it makes perfect sense to install moisture-resistant tile flooring. Choosing the right material can save you a lot of headaches down the road. The expert craftsmen at Corinthian Flooring would be happy to explain the benefits of tile flooring to you and help you pick out the best materials to satisfy your needs, decorating style and budget. In addition, they’ll install your tile floor right the first time, meaning you’ll never face any unexpected surprises.

Atlanta Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings on the market today, exceeded in sales only by carpet. Due to its durability, vinyl was originally used mainly in high traffic areas. However, homeowners and businesses soon recognized the many advantages of vinyl, and it is now used in a variety of settings. Vinyl sheet flooring and tile are available in a tremendous selection of styles and colors, meaning virtually any look can be obtained, including classic looks that simulate wood and ceramic. Vinyl is durable and time-tested, maintains its beauty under heavy foot traffic, and is moisture and stain resistant. However, the biggest benefit of vinyl flooring is that it can be installed very affordably and requires little maintenance over its lifetime.

Atlanta Commercial Flooring

Whether you’re a business owner, sub contractor or architect, you can trust the advice of our highly trained commercial expects. That’s because our knowledge and experience in the ever-changing commercial market means you’ll get expert advice before, during and after your commercial installation. We’ll recommend the best flooring options that meet your requirements, budget and maintenance needs. From simple installations to top-quality, one-of-a-kind designs, no commercial job is too big or small at Corinthian Flooring.

Atlanta Custom Design Flooring

Our custom design craftsmen can take your decorating dreams and turn them into a reality. Through the use of the newest construction technologies, coupled with our superior customer service, Corinthian Flooring brings a higher standard to custom home remodeling. Our certified master craftsmen can take your sketch or photograph and design a stunning custom floor that meets and exceeds your personal specifications. Our specialties are custom hardwood floor inlays, parquet, floor medallions and borders. Quite simply, if you can dream it, we can do it. From one-of-a-kind medallions and custom borders to inlays and parquet floors, our highly trained custom craftsmen can do it all. The end result is a quality, customized installation that’s a decorator’s dream. Corinthian Flooring offers and installs a wide variety of domestic and imported species of top quality wood and tile. We give each custom project our utmost attention and service. You deserve nothing less.

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